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Al Jazeera: Saving Ecuador’s Cerro Blanco

In this video, follow Al Jazeera’s Juliana Schatz journey into Ecuador’s port city of Guayaquil to explore the ways locals and conservationists are protecting the Cerro Blanco reserve, one of the last remaining dry forests in the country. Cerro Blanco is threatened by a host of natural causes and human activity, including an expanding city that means people who cannot afford to live centrally

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National Geographic: Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rainforest

National Geographic tells the story of how explorer Topher White came to understand the gravity of the threat that deforestation poses to our climate – and how he has created a creative solution to this problem. Deforestation is not a small issue – large areas of forests are lost every year, contributing about 17 percent of the world’s annual total of greenhouse gas emissions. This is why White devised

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Mongabay: How bioacoustics can transform conservation – Wildtech event in Palo Alto

Satellite imaging has proved to be very useful for forest monitoring, but it’s weakness lies in its inability to analyze what is happening under the tree canopy. This is where bioacoustics come in – using technology to listen to the sounds of the rainforest in real time. Bioacoustics have the power to detect and identify the presence of different species in an area, any slight interferences or changes

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Tech Crunch: Rainforest Connection enlists machine learning to listen for loggers and jaguars in the Amazon

TechCrunch interviews Topher White to talk about the development of a bioacoustic platform, streaming app, and partnership with Google. With this collaboration, RFCx was able to use machine learning models to begin identifying highly subtle sounds from the rainforest, such as different species, gunshots, and voices. White also discusses how crucial it is that they bring in as many people as possible

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CNN: How Old Cell Phones are Spying on Illegal Loggers

Topher White speaks to CNN regarding Rainforest Connection’s work and the origin of his idea to use upcycled technology to listen to the sounds of the rainforest and stop illegal logging in real time. White also speaks to the most common issues around stopping illegal deforestation and how partnering with local tribes and indigenous groups empowers them to take a stake

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Venture Beat: Google’s AI powers real-time orca tracking in Vancouver Bay

Through Rainforest Connection and Google’s partnership, an AI model for detecting an endangered species of orca whales in the Salish Sea has been developed and is now being utilized to ensure the protection of this species. This model runs on Rainforest Connection’s Arbimon platform and is similarly configured to send alerts to Canadian Coast Guard like the way other models in the rainforest send

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Forbes: Rainforest Connection Taps High-Tech To Thwart Illegal Logging

Forbes talks to Topher White about several of Rainforest Connection’s field projects and the different ways it’s technology is positively impacting the area and fighting illegal logging. They also discuss what’s in store for Rainforest

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Snews: Guardian of the Forest

SNews goes in depth with Rainforest Connection’s beginnings, the compounding impacts of deforestation, and the work that Rainforest Connection does with local communities and rangers to fight illegal logging. Hear how RFCx is using its technology to connect the world with rainforests in real time.

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