Increase your overall impact in the conservation space with our free, scalable, open-source ecoacoustics platform

RFCx Arbimon

Upload and analyze an unlimited amount of audio from your AudioMoth, SongMeter, or other recording device, with our free cloud-based analytical tool.


  • Listen to and annotate your recordings in an intuitive spectrogram viewer
  • Organize and analyze your data by site, time of day or species detected
  • Run pattern matching analysis to quickly label thousands of sounds of your target species
  • Take advantage of 100’s of templates in our global template library to find your species
  • Visualize your ecosystem of audio as a soundscape

RFCx Companion

Simplify the deployment and management of multiple AudioMoths with our free Android App!

  • Plan deployment locations in advance and use the app to navigate to those locations
  • Easily deploy AudioMoths in the field and manage multiple deployments from your Android phone
  • Retrieve your devices easily by tracking your path to each device and by attaching photos of your deployment locations
  • Automatically link your recordings in Arbimon to deployment geo-location when you upload your recordings with the RFCx Uploader

RFCx Uploader

Upload your recordings efficiently to RFCx Arbimon with our free desktop tool for Windows and Mac.

  • Auto-detect file timestamp formats from recordings from the AudioMoth, SongMeter, Swift, and other recording devices
  • Upload your recordings in the background while you continue to do analysis in RFCx Arbimon
  • Upload thousands of recordings from multiple deployment sites simultaneously
  • Automatically link recordings to deployment sites when used together with the Companion App

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