World Economic Forum: New York Climate Week: 5 takeaways for the nature-positive agenda

The issue of nature-positive action, to halt and reverse the destruction of nature by 2030, was front and center at New York Climate Week. Nature-positive goals complement the agreed global climate target of net zero emissions by 2050. To achieve this, we need to halve emissions by 2030. But as climate science shows, it will not be enough. The only way to hold the 1.5°C line is to simultaneously cut emissions, safeguard natural carbon sinks, and transform agriculture from one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases to a vital store of carbon.

More than 90 leaders and experts from business, science, NGO, and youth groups released an open letter that urged UNFCCC Parties to deliver on their climate and biodiversity commitments and disclose their implementation plans as part of the Global Stocktake.

However, a clear momentum on the prioritization, disclosure, and reporting on nature was brought to New York Climate Week. Read more about the five key takeaways in the World Economic Forum article