2023: A Year in Review

To our supporters:
As we wrap up 2023 and reflect on everything we’ve accomplished, the overwhelming support from those of you who have contributed to propelling our mission forward is all around us! Whether you’ve recently subscribed, liked a post, donated, or simply shared the news of our work with your friends or family, you’ve all made an impact on our success this year and we are eternally grateful.

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Some key 2023 #s:
This year has brought more challenge and more triumph than we’ve ever experienced and the numbers we’re sharing with you speak for themselves! So much success, potential, and proof of impact across the board. And that’s not all…
Here are more highlights from 2023:
– 6 additional countries added to our all-time project locations list
    • Madagascar, Jamaica, Kenya, Moldova, Croatia, & Finland
– 5 project field visits executed
    • Croatia, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, & Canada
& more highlights showcased below…
“I am encouraged by the current movement for prioritizing biodiversity globally, and the conservation tech community is stepping up. We are in such inspiring company.
– ABC News article featuring RFCx work in Puerto Rico
– 15+ project reports completed for partners
– 4 new publications co-authored by our science team
– 1 new white paper including 11 use cases from projects worldwide and collaboration from 22 partners
“As I reflect on 2023, hurdles spurred growth, and each conservation initiative catalyzed positive change. In overcoming obstacles, we unearthed new insights and forged stronger partnerships.”
– 18 events attended by our business development team including Bloom, NY Climate Week, CIFB, and Geo for Good
– 11 conferences attended by our science team consisting of 12 presentations, 6 workshops, & 2 booths
“This past year has laid down a solid foundation for a future that promises to be both dynamic and inspiring. Today, we are right at the heart of a movement where biodiversity and technology meet, and I’m excited to see where this journey takes us next.”
What our CEO has to say about 2023 and the year ahead:
“I’m proud to say 2023 has been a milestone year at Rainforest Connection, thanks to our amazing team. We’ve faced challenges head-on, achieved remarkable growth, and expanded our direct impact to 37 countries. As we look forward to 2024, I’m thrilled about the upcoming partnerships and new tech solutions that will undoubtedly further our mission.”
Looking back, we’ve seen such exponential growth within our own team, across our projects, and within the RFCx community of supporters. We are so thrilled to be in this space making the impact we have so far and truly can’t wait to launch into 2024!

There’s already so many exciting things in the works and a lot of new challenges ahead. But as always, we’re here for every minute of it working hard to understand and connect with the natural world like never before to protect the future of our world. Wishing you all the best and brightest as 2023 comes to a close. We’ll see you in 2024!

The Rainforest Connection & Arbimon Team
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