2022: A Year in Review

Rainforest Connection Threat Detection & Biodiversity Monitoring

The heavy pour of jungle rain in remote forests, the echos of monkey calls, and endless bird chatter – we’ve quite literally been in the thick of it this year. And we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

With the increasing threats, and complexity of the impacts of climate change taking effect all around the world, Rainforest Connection’s work protecting rainforests and monitoring species increases in demand and necessity in this world every year!

Check out the stats below to see a recap of RFCx’s 2022:

RFCx 2022 year in Review - Science Team
RFCx 2022 year in Review - Science Team
We are very excited about our achievements that have improved biodiversity monitoring and provided valuable ecological insights toward wildlife conservation. We are even more excited about the recent global agreement at COP15 aiming at ensuring the integrity of ecosystems, preventing extinctions, and the sustainable use of natural resources. We are confident that collaboration and acoustic monitoring will play an essential role in achieving the goals associated with the agreements. - Marconi Campos-Cerqueira, RFCx Chief Scientist
RFCx 2022 year in Review - Marketing Team
New RFCx partnerships from 2022: Jurúa Institute, IPÊ, Jane Goodall Institute, Partnerships4Forests, and Bialowieza National Park
I am the most optimistic I have ever been about our capacity to tackle climate change, extinction rates, and habitat destruction. Even just this past year, we have seen a surge of corporations, NGOs, Indigenous Peoples, and governments coming together to take big steps to further global conservation goals. Rainforest Connection is excited to provide the ecoacoustic data to empower and inform this movement. - Chrissy Durkin, RFCx VP of Growth & Expansion
In 2022, we made a significant impact at Rainforest Connection. We expanded our team, increased the scope of our projects, and strengthened our commitments to our partners. Looking ahead to 2023, we are determined to have an even greater impact on conservation through the use of innovative technology and a focus on collaboration with like-minded organizations. By continuing to engage with local communities and stakeholders, we hope to effectively address the critical challenges facing our environment. - Bourhan Yassin, RFCx CEO
Hummingbird flying to a flower

The work of protecting rainforests from illegal activities and monitoring species behaviors to gather insights for conservation efforts around the world does not come without endless challenges.

If you’d like to support the continuation of our critical work please consider making a contribution to ensure these places and species do not go unheard.

We’re so proud of the shared determination & collaboration that has gotten us where we are this year. Cheers to the new year, may it bring hope and new opportunities to create a brighter future where species are better understood, better protected, and rainforests are preserved for generations to come.