Finally, trees that can talk.

Rainforest Connection uses upcycled mobile technology to monitor and protect remote forests in real-time.

“If a tree falls
in the forest...”

“...and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”

These days, statistically speaking, when a tree falls in the forest, there's usually somebody there to hear it—the people that cut it down. With Rainforest Connection technology, we can finally rewrite this ancient adage to read:

“If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, you still can. And so can the world.”

The Facts: Destruction of tropical rainforest... a leading cause of
climate change.
-United Nations
learn more causing global
mass extinctions.
-United Nations
learn more mostly caused by
illegal activity.
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Turning old phones
into forest guardians

Why use old, recycled smartphones to guard the rainforest?
Because it's simple, inexpensive and it works.

Smartphones are arguably the most efficient, advanced, and well-understood computers available on the market today, and each year, more than 150 million phones are discarded in the United States alone.
Rainforest Connection can take this "trash" and put it to use immediately.

Today, even earth's most remote forested areas have solid, reliable wireless telecommunications infrastructure. Rather than start from scratch, Rainforest Connection is already able to leverage this infrastructure from the start to protect the world's most threatened forests.

Where do we start?

The Rainforest Connection system works, and we've now proven it in the field in Sumatra against actual illegal logging operations. Now we need to expand by putting the next generation of devices into three more reserves in the rainforests of Indonesia, the Amazon and Africa.

These three latest pilot projects will help to prove that the system can operate on a global scale, in any forest, anywhere.

This requires funding and strong on-the-ground partnerships with local communities, indigenous partners and organizations that are committed to responding to logging alerts in real-time. We know that Rainforest Connection can help turn the tide of environmental crisis, but we need your help to make it a reality.

Help silence the chainsaws. Join us.

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